Crop It Like It's Hot

I've never been one to go crazy over crop tops, but this summer I might have to make a few exceptions.  I've been seeing a lot of slightly cropped tank tops popping up here and there, so I decided it was time give this trend a try.  I'm not really one for showing my non-existent six-pack to the world, so these partial crop tops are perfect for my 5'4" frame. I found this white eyelet tank top during my last mall raid, and once I tried it on I was hooked. Styling a piece like this can be easily paired with your favorite printed harem pants, a high-low skirt, or your most comfortable cut-offs.




meet tamara murphy

A Monday adventure through Sugarhouse, a quaint little neighborhood nestled in Salt Lake City, Utah brings us this modern day beauty. Tamara is a vintage and thrift queen, and what I love most is her ability to throw together any outfit and rock it effortlessly, every time. In this look, her olive green chinos are an upgrade from your average skinny jeans, giving any wardrobe a boost from casual to sophisticated cool. Her bold chiffon blouse in a shade of poppy orange gives off just the right amount of contrast to her look. Tamara's neutral toned accessories, like her brown leather backpack, tan hat and tortoise shell sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to her killer ensemble.

In an Interview with Tamara, I asked her a few questions about how her killer thrift queen style came about;

Q1: How would you best describe your style?

I'd describe my style as adventure-ready, relaxed, street style. An eclectic mix inspired by everything from homespun bohemian, hip hop to modern day minimalist. Everything I wear I want to be ready to hike, bike or dance at a moments notice.

Q2: About how much of your wardrobe would you say is vintage, thrift or second hand?

I would say about 70-80% of my wardrobe is second hand. I will get most of my basics from first hand stores, but I find the spirit of my outfits come from thrift, vintage and a friend's closet here and there; especially shoes, hats, sunglasses and dresses.

Q3: In your travels thus far, where/what has been your all time favorite thrift, vintage or second hand "find"?

My all time favorite find is torn between two pieces. The ranger hat pictured came from an antique show in Truckee, Ca. I tried it on and accidentally broke the strap, so I bought it a bit against my initial judgement. The hat ended up becoming a staple piece of mine! My other favorite find would be a pair of hiking boots that came from a thrift store in Redding, Ca. The boots were ten dollars, the perfect fit, sleek simplistic design with laces down to the toe. They add character and function to any outfit of mine, plus I could dance like a boss in them, unfortunately, I had to retire them this past fall.

There you have it, a total babe and fashionista from head to toe that gets her looks and inspiration from up-cycling her style!



Trend Alert: Bandanas + neck Scarves

Get ready to trade in that statement necklace for a laid back look with a little more flare. Bandanas and a neck scarves are slowly taking over the accessory scene as Summer heads into full swing. Why is this trend here to stay? Rocking the bandana and neck scarf supplies endless styling possibilities, with no real wrong way to wear it, just a simple twist and knot and you've nailed the look. Although I've been sporting mine loosely knotted around my neck, there are several ways to style the bandana and neck scarf. Around the neck is the most popular; either in a loose tie or choker, the audrey tied tight around the neck and to the side or the desperado folded in a triangle with the two corners tied at the nape of the neck. Like I said, the styling options for this trend are endless. I've also seen it worn around the wrist, tied to a handbag and even as a headband. Instead of just dropping into Forever 21, H&M or American Eagle, opt for a vintage or thrift store instead! I found three of my most favorite summer accessories at a vintage store in Monterey, California called The Cat's Meow.



Meet Chris Martella

My first encounter with this dapper gent was at a ski resort while I sat and watched him huck back flips off of a jump. Besides his radical skiing skills and love for the outdoors, I soon came to find out about his kick-ass taste in music as well as his budding interest in fashion. Chris Martella is one of the kindest, most genuinely hilarious people you will meet in this lifetime and I am so thankful that I did.

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Current Occupation: A Field Instructor at 2nd Nature, an outdoor program for young adults.

SS: What three words would you use to best describe your style?

CM: Probably Scruffy, Laid Back/ Comfortable and Rugged

SS: Do you have a "go to" everyday look when you're not in the field?

CM: Mostly laid back or comfortable, when I'm not in the field I generally wear just jeans and a t-shirt.

SS: Are there any fashion icons you look to for style inspiration?

CM: Only the guys I like to look at, like Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Hemsworth

SS: *drooling*

SS: What are a few of your favorite places to shop?

CM: Definitely the GAP and H&M, I love the way their jeans fit, they don't get super washed out and they are fairly durable.

SS: Any style advice you'd like to pass on to all the fellow fashionable men out there like yourself?

CM: The more comfortable you are in the clothes you are wearing, the more confidence you'll exude and the more confident you'll feel!



SimplyStyled Must-Haves

Spring Essentials: Part Two

Hey ya'll, hope your last few weeks of spring have been simply stylish as usual!  I figured it was time to share the second part of my Spring Essentials with you before the sweltering heat kicks in.

 Hats, cross-body bags, gold jewelry, and printed shorts might be what I am living in this spring, well lets be honest, probably all summer.  Spring to summer trend transitions are all about finding the best effortless looks.  Something I've been doing with all of my basic t-shirts to try something new, is instead of tucking in your tee, tie a simple knot at the corner to add some flair.  If you don't have a pair already, look to Forever21 for some super cute printed shorts, they have way too many to choose from, so you've been warned.   As much as I love a pair of high-waisted denim cut offs, I'm all for switching it up with a pair of vibrant printed shorts.  Also, don't put those hats and boots away just yet, spring and summer are the a perfect time to rock them at the farmers market, sightseeing, and music festivals.  Cross-body bags hold just enough space for all of your essentials on a night out with the girls; a phone, wallet, lipstick, and car keys are all you'll need.  Pick up one in a neutral color to add to the mix and you won't be swapping it out for another bag all summer long.  Little details that take your look the extra mile this spring and summer are accessories like midi rings, which I have been obsessing over lately.  A look that is causal, comfortable, and stylish all in one is just what you need to spring right into summer.  

What I Wore // Head To Toe

Hat// Target

Shirt// American Eagle Outfitters

Shorts// Forever21

Booties// Aldo

Midi Rings & Gold Bracelet// Forever21

Cross-Body Bag// Vintage Coach

SimplyStyled Must-Haves

Spring Essentials: Part One

A romper will probably be my favorite piece to rock this spring & summer, mainly because they are so easy to dress up or down depending on what look you're going for.  Whether you're getting ready for a chic date night, running out of the house for a quick errand, or just trying to spruce up your boring bikini cover-up, a romper is the perfect piece to have in your closet this season.  Another must-have on SimplyStyled's Spring Essentials guide is a kimono.  I recently bought two, one being featured in this post, and the other a floral print.  What I love most about the kimono, is that they are the perfect cover-up for spring and summer.  Adding a kimono to your closet gives you a lightweight and elegant way to mix up your style.  These booties I am sporting have been on constant rotation ever since I bought them.  Fringe is definitely a big trend as spring transitions into summer, and when I saw these babies in the store I had to have them.  I also wore gold jewelry to add more detail to my look.  With a little pop of color and texture, along with the many levels of chains, this Bohéme necklace became the perfect accent.  Ofcourse no signiture look of mine is complete without a hat, and this brown beauty flawlessy complimented the olive and cream colors of this ensemble.  These SimplyStyled Must-Haves for spring and summer are all about bohemian vibes, so be sure to look back on SimplyStyled's Spring Essentials guide to get a better idea of what to snag the next time you hit the mall, and stay tuned for Part Two!

What I Wore // Head To Toe

Hat// Target

Kimono// Forever 21

Romper// Forever 21

Necklace// Forever 21

Sunglasses// Aldo

Rings// LC Lauren Conrad for Khols

Booties// Aldo

Polish// O.P.I. Espresso

SimplyStyled Must-Haves

Spring Essentials Guide

Kimono// The perfect lightwieght cover-up for spring and summer!

Bucket Bag// Switch out your huge tote bags you've been lugging around all semester long for a cute bucket bag. {popular in pastel colors this season}

Round Sunglasses// Temporary Tattoos// Cute, fun & stylish! These are two accessories you have to get your hands on.

Fringe Sandals & Booites//  Little details like these make your look go the extra mile.

Rompers//  The perfect piece to rock from spring to summer, whether you're hitting the beach, looking chic for date night, or even running a few errands here and there. 

Bohéme Jewelry// Bold and bright colors to add to your spring and summer ensembles, bohemian jewels like long necklaces will add just the right amount of glam to your look. 

Printed Shorts// A change from the usual high waisted jean shorts, switch them out for these fun printed lightweight shorts instead!

Floppy Hats// Keeping the sun out of your eyes, all while looking chic and stylish at the same time.

Tribal Print Clutch// Add a little something to your look with a bold print clutch that makes any outfit fun and fresh.